Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well my tackle will be an on-going tackle that will last me God knows how long. I am tackling the whole potty training fun stuff with Anna. We actually started yesterday. She went twice and and had one accident. She must have an awesome bladder cause she is only going like every two hours. Is that normal, lol? I am hoping that I can stir up a lot of been there done that Moms and get some good advice on what you did to help your little one along. So any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

If you don't mind offer up a little prayer for my sanity :)


  1. No advice for you since I've never potty-trained... but I think she's doing great already. Good luck!

  2. I hope you get a ton of advice because I'm due in January with our first child and when the time comes....I'll come back and ask you this very same question!! Good luck!

  3. Hi there! I found your blog through 5 minutes for mom, and the words "potty training" caught my eye. :) I have a two-year-old as well, and we are in the same training state as you are! So many people tell me to not force it, that she'll be ready on her own. I learned that as long as my husband and I keep asking her and reminding her to go on the potty and not in the diaper, she goes more on the potty that day. So, my advice is to keep at it, don't get discouraged, and try not to get upset or impatient. We get to potty train them only once, so you might as well enjoy the ride! :o)
    Keep us posted on how it's going!

  4. I'm right there with you! I think we're going to start this weekend. A friend who has four children used the rewards system. Every time anyone in their house had a potty "success" (including Mommy), everyone got a reward. She said feed them lots of liquids so you have more opportunities to train. The first day is typically a wash, mainly focused on teaching them to recognize when they are wet and begin helping them see when they need to go (before). I'll be posting about potty training on my blog tomorrow!

  5. WOO HOO! Potty training!!

    Me, I've never potty trained my kids. I have just let them train themselves. Of course, with my boys, they were three before they were trained... but I never went through the "accident stage". Maybe one or two accidents per kid and they were done. What a wonderful blessing!! I have a son turning three this month -- I am hoping he'll want to start training soon. We have a 17 month old girl and a baby on the way, so three kids in diapers is a bit much. Sigh...



  6. we are at the same stage of potty training but my daughter won't go consistently on the potty. WOW WHAT A TACKLE!! Good luck to you and it will happen :)

  7. I bought a handful of little objects and wrapped them as gifts; nothing big, just things like crayons, markers, bottles of glitter glue. I showed one to my son and told him that when he went potty he'd get the package and then I left the package on the kitchen counter. After he went potty I gave him the first gift and then bought out another and laid it on the counter, so he always had that tantalizing reminder. He caught on pretty quickly.

  8. Sound like you are doing a good job. My only word of wisdom is, I waited until I knew for sure they understood what the whole potty thing was about. Both of my girls were ready right before their third birthdays. It took only about two or three days to train them.

    I sort of did the potty training in a day method. I just gave them juice all day to drink. (Juice is a rare and special drink at our house) They quickly learned that way.

    With going #2, it took a little bit more time. Probably about a week or two.

    Next baby I potty train is a boy, which I have heard is a whole other ball game. Yikes!


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