Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

I am so very excited about the upcoming holidays. So I thought I would share with you about what works for us during this time of year. We will be heading up to my inlaws next week and we will have a yummy dinner Thursday and spend time with family and friends. I love this holiday because it is not commercialized. We can spend a day together not worried about if someone likes something we bought or oh no they got me something way nicer than I got them. Instead you look around and you feel blessed for being a part of the family. Friday we will more than likely go get Christmas trees for both my parent inlaws and my sister in law. We will help them decorate their trees and have fun with Christmas music and treats. Saturday we will head home and hopefully get out tree and decorate it over the rest of the weekend. I will have our stuff all out and ready to go before we head out of town and I even keep some wrapped boxes so I can have instant presents under the tree lol. I wish I were one of those people to that could have all of there shopping already done but I am not lol. I give up trying I apparently thrive on the thrill of last minute shopping lol. So that is how we kick of the holidays! How do you do it? Also, if anyone has an answer to this I would love to hear it ~ How do you take a 2.5 hour trip with a toddler that is potty training and won't use anyone else's potty? I am nervous about that part lol. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!


  1. Can you bring a portable potty chair with you? I saw one on The View a few weeks back when Elisabeth Hasselbeck was leaving called On-the-Go potty. It was really cool and totally portable!

  2. Fun traditions! I'm cracking up that you wrap empty boxes--and so stealing that idea! For the trip, either go with Pullups and save your sanity, or if you're really on a roll with big girl underwear, at least protect the carseat cover with a waterproof pad. You don't want her to have to sit in ick for the remainder of the trip and have to disassemble your carseat to wash the cover once you arrive at your destination. I like the disposable Munchkin waterproof pads (Target, about $5 for 25 I think) Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!


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