Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today's Potty Update!

Well, yesterday was great we had NO accidents and like I said we even pooped in the potty. Today, so far we have had no accidents as of now at 6:00 pm and we have pooped in the potty twice! We even went out for a while and didn't have any accidents. She doesn't like to go to the potty anywhere but home. I can't really blame her I prefer to use my own too at least then I know it is clean! So anyway, things are going great!!! Next week will be a real test since we will be out of town and with the grandparents. Oh and last night we used our last diaper so we are not buying any more! We are going to use those rubber panties at night. I am a little worried that her lady parts won't breathe enough at night but she is foot loose and fancy free most of the day so I am hoping that will counter balance. Any thoughts or words of wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated! I know most people use pull ups at night but those things are super expensive so I would rather not even go there ya know!

Tomorrow we are going on a play date so we will see how that goes we will probably be gone for a couple of hours back to the Bamboo Farm. They do have restrooms but I don't know if she will use them lol.

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  1. It has been so long since I had potty issues with my children I guess I've really forgotten what it's like. I do remember how cute my babies were clapping for themselves and saying YAY! as they watched the toilit flush.

    Good luck on your trip back to the bamboo farm.


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