Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

I thought I would give an update on my Potty Training tackle I started November 5th. I believe we are pretty much complete. YAY ME!!! We went from 0-60 in 3 weeks or really 2. I will share my strategy with any interested parties. I felt pretty much like I was going at this blind. I had read a few things but still didn't feel like I had a good handle on it.

  1. The first thing I had to do was get her to pee pee in the potty for the first time because we couldn't seem to make that happen. So I started letting her run around without a diaper and didn't have any luck except a few puddles in the carpet! Then I thought well she usually goes after sleeping so after her nap (with a diaper) I stripped her and sat her on the potty and finally we scored! She got her choice of Halloween candy!

  2. After she realized she got chocolate for pee peeing we were golden! Well except for pooping we had a few accidents but thanks to the good Lord she hates mess! So once she felt that a few times she was ready to give it a go on the potty. She cried and begged to get off and always says she is cold right before but we had success!

  3. Our next obsticle was the fact she didn't like using strange pottys and by strange I mean any potty besides her own. A few accidents while out and about seem to have curred her of her fear. Now she even goes at restaurants! (without the potty ring!)

  4. We had a few casualties - my phone got dropped in the potty, candy got dropped or eaten by the dog.

  5. Now our last few obsticles are weaning her from needing a reward for pee peeing and pooping in the potty and also, wetting the bed at night. As long as we don't give her anything to drink after 7 we usually do great at night so hopefully we will be good on that front soon. The needing chocolate well we all want chocolate and rewards so I don't how we will cross that one lol.

Thanks for joining me on my journey! I will try to stop posting about it so much lol! What are you tackling today? To see more go here!

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  1. Great job!!

    Hmmm....tough choice, but I think I like A best.

  2. Good job! I have to admit I do not miss the potty training days!

  3. Great Tackle Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have some work to be done today too! Im feeling lazy, but this has to be done! Have a good one!

  4. Congrats on getting through all of that! We have been trying to potty train our son, Hayden, but no such luck yet. We're trying the pull-ups that get cold when he pees, but all that really does is tell us immediately when he's gone pee. Thank you for posting your tips, we're going to have to try a couple of those! Have a great rest of the week! :]

  5. Oye! Potty training, we have been tackling that too, my daughter does so good, she even did well visiting the family with long car rides for Thanksgiving, and last night she didn't wet her panties at all, but during the day at home she goes through this thing of wetting her panties like every time! Me and my husband don't get it! It's so frustrating! We think maybe she's just getting pre=occupied with playing?

  6. Good job! I have one that needs to be potty trained and we may just tackle that this month.

  7. Good job... we've been working toward that... DD has gone at least once a day, so we're making progress. I am glad you shared.

  8. Potty envy. Good for you. We also do about once a day. She's proud of herself but throws a fit if you try and get her to go without her saying so. We'll get there. Great job!


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