Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally Home!

We got home late yesterday afternoon. We ran in the door, unpacked the car and I cooked dinner and headed out leaving my hubby with Anna. I had choir practice and I was an hour early lol. I missed the memo since I wasn't there last week that it was pushed back an hour. So I chatted with friends and relaxed for a few. Don't tell anyone but it was really kinda nice. We have been going strong for over a week and I am tired! Anna is too she was so sleepy when nap came around today she wanted to just skip lunch. Last night she was so tired she wanted to go to bed at 8. Now that we are home we are going to take it easy for a few days. Doing the bare minimum! We went visiting friends this morning. Then we repaired our wreath and put it up. Bare MINIMUM lol. I will do some laundry later cause Anna wet the bed again last night. I hope once we get back into the swing of things we can get back on track with the bed wetting stuff. That is really the only time we are having accidents now so I guess I shouldn't complain but... I am! Having to deal with a wet bed at 2 in the morning is NO fun whatsoever!

Well, I am going to run now and use the rest of nap time to work on some pictures we took while we were gone. I might have a poll on here later to see what picture you guys think we should use for our Christmas cards. Have a great day!

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