Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Works for me Wednesday!

I have never been very good at making my bed. I am hoping to make it something that my daughter does without thinking. We started this morning letting her make her own bed. She did such a good job. Hopefully we can make this a habit she can carry with her through the years. This works for me. What works for you? For more great ideas go to Rocks in My Dryer!


  1. I never used to be good at it but now I make my bed every day so it looks pretty with all my pillows and such! =)

  2. My kids are expected to make their beds each morning. It is not an easy habit to develop, but offering incentives help ;)

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Oh my gosh, Candace! I can't believe how big Anna is. She's such a cutie!

    How the heck are you?


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