Friday, January 09, 2009


Girls in White Dresses is doing a new weekly meme. It is a weekly trip down memory lane. I love going down memory lane with the few memories that I do have so I thought I would join in.

I will start with one of the funny stories that my family likes to joke about. I was pretty young, I don't know how old I was really but somewhere around 6. I spent the night at my Grandma's house. I had/have this strange relationship with my step grandfather. I loved to antagonize him. I would stick my tongue out at him and then when he did it back I would tell my Grandma. She knew the game so she would fuss at him and baby me te he he. Well, this night I didn't want to sleep alone. I guess I was scared or something. I peeked around the corner of their bedroom where they were watching tv. Papa George saw me and asked me what was going on. I said "nuthin." He said "Do you want to sleep in here?". I of course said "yes". and then I told him he could have my room lol. I kicked him out of his own bed wasn't I nice. He was nice enough to go to the other bedroom for the night.

I am going to add to this with one of the stories about my brother. He was spending the night at this same Grandma's house. She told him to go get in the tub. She probably said "Go get in the bath and then get your pajamas on." So Robbie proceeded to walk around the tub leaving dirty footprints all around it. Never turning on the water! He went and changed and came back all dirty still lol. Grandma realized then that she had to be very specific with my brother lol!

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  1. I like that memory - isn't it funny the little specific things we remember?? I recognize that antagonistic attitude too (my middle daughter has it!). And your dirty brother ... too funny! Thanks for playing along, and hey - at this point your chances for winning my prize are GREAT :)


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