Friday, January 16, 2009

Memory Lane Friday

When I was in high school I loved football season. No I don't know a thing about it. Well, I do know an incomplete pass, a fumble and a touchdown but other than that I am totally clueless. I still loved football season! I loved the excitement of the game. We had an awesome football team! They were really good. The fans were constantly on their feet and the band was always playing fun music. I usually sat near the band so I could stomp and clap and sing. I would also spend a lot of time walking around chatting with friends and don't forget checking out the "tight ends". Oops did I say that?

I loved football so much that I had a short stint at flag girl. I really wasn't very good though. I was NOT coordinated at all! I quit after a short while. My senior year I went out for mascot. We had Spike a lovable Bulldog. I got to do a pep rally before tryouts and I was GOOD! My job was to "play" an electric guitar while running around dancing. Just so you know I CANNOT dance! Something happened though, I got in the bulldog suit and I knew no one but a handful of people knew it was me and I rocked the house! My then boyfriend (now hubby) didn't even know it was me at first. This was in my yearbook. I don't have a scanner so this is a picture of a picture that is why the quality isn't so great!

I didn't make it as the regular Spike. I was runner up. Apparently, Spike needed to be fit and be able to do things like push ups ha ha. I was asked to fill in for one game. It was an away game and it happened to be a game that we made like 50 some odd points. Now there is no way I could do push ups. After our first touch down the crowd was cheering me to do my thing, I thought well I will just do jumping jacks. I can do that even with this big ole suit on. Little did I know the team would go nuts getting touchdown after touchdown. Every time I would do jumping jacks in the bulldog suit the hat would bounce up. I was sure that it was going to pop off at any moment. Miraculously, it didn't but I don't know how. By the end of the night I was so sweaty and utterly exhausted. I was thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't the regular Spike lol.

This is my senior picture. Just wanted to show you how cute I was!

This was me and my best friend.

This was before I went out and rocked the house!

What about you? What stands out to you when you think High School Football?

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I am also going to use this as my thematic photography post. These pictures are 17 years old! *shudder*


  1. Oh my word - I was a flag girl too! I just love that you were Spike (even if not the REAL one)- that is too cool. Your senior picture (and all your pix) are great - I need to get some of my childhood photos to scan onto my site sometime. I enjoyed reading this!

  2. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Great post! Congratulations on winning!!


  3. I remember you at that pep rally! I didn't know it was you until later but I remember that you were great! What a memory!


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