Thursday, January 01, 2009

Changes from last year

Anna went from a size 2T in pants to a size 4T. They are a little long but the 3T are to short.

Anna's vocabulary is pretty much clear all the time now. Last year I understood her pretty much all the time but others only understood her about 50% of the time.

She will actually sit and watch a little tv where as of the beginning of last year that wouldn't happen.

Anna can ride a bicycle. She learned how to ride a tricycle during last summer. Now has progressed to a big girl bike!

She can climb her tree and swing from a branch and drop to the ground. She has always enjoyed climbing it and she loves being able to do more with it. Although it is pretty scary for me lol.

She enjoys tumbling on the floor.

She enjoys jumping from the stool to the chair. Pulling it apart to see how far she can jump. I do have a limit for her on that one!

She enjoys getting together with her best friends Allie and Brooks.

We have play dates with Allie at least once a week usually twice a week. Brooks is a little harder to see but we try to see him at least once every two weeks. And of course we see them both at church.

She learned how to swim under the water and the basics of swimming on top.

About me:

I have read the entire Twilight series. I got sucked into that world and couldn't get out lol. I would highly recommend them to anyone. They are such an easy read and keep you wanting to turn the page.

I have started decluttering my house. It is a long process but I have made some progress.

I lost about 15 pounds this past year and I think I managed to keep it off. Maybe I can go for 20 this year.

I am going to start riding bikes with Anna to help with that.

OK so Anna was way more exciting than me lol.

Happy New Year y'all!!! May it be exciting for ALL of us!

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