Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Future!

These two ladies are in for the biggest surprise of all. They now what they are having but that is just part of it. What will they look like? Will Shanda's baby have black hair or blond like his sister? Will Lori's baby have red hair like her Daddy's before he shaved it or brown or black hair like her brothers? What will they act like? Will one have a wild child and one have a calm one. Will Lori's be a little spit fire to keep up with her brothers and Shanda's be a little monkey like his sister? So many surprises packed in each belly! Will they grow up to find love in all the right places!?! Will they know that their Mommy's loved them even before they were born? Will they have dreams of being astronauts or doctors or teachers? Maybe they will even fall in love with each other and be a Princess with her Prince Charming! So many surprises! So much to discover!

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  1. (the biggest surprise is probably that as you posed belly to belly, the two little tykes had their heads together plotting .. ha ha)


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