Thursday, January 29, 2009

She Totally Gets it from ME!

This is typically something I would do over at my daughters site but I thought you guys had a right to know a little bit about me lol. Anna has been dying to paint for oh I don't know a week or maybe a month. I decided that since it was so very nasty out this morning we would do that today. So she worked out with me this morning and then we got right to the important stuff!

We have an art kit that I break out for just such an occasion. It has a few different kinds of paint. The kind you use with a brush and then finger paints. So we got these items out and spread paper on the floor in the kitchen and got busy! I hate to admit it but I had trouble with the paint you were supposed to use the brush. I tried wetting the brush and then rubbing it over the paint. That barely worked. I tried using my finger lol I know kinda defeating the purpose of the brush. Then finally I tried to wet the paint and then dip the brush into it and voila that worked!

The finger painting well you know that is a no-brainer! My kind of painting lol. I have always thought that I didn't have any artistic ability. Guess what y'all I can use kids paints and create a little turtle. Of course it is kinda like looking up at the clouds and trying to pick out a shape lol. Check this out!!!

Tell me you can totally see my turtle, right? Ha ha I know so anyway I looked over at what Anna was doing and look at what I see!

You can totally see her dolphin, right! Isn't that cool! Now mine is questionable at best so you know my title is totally bogus. She really gets any artistic ability from my hubby! While we were both all yucked up with paints I decided to do something that we could look back on and marvel at:

I think we will do this yearly and we can see how much her hand grows. How close it gets to being big like mine.


  1. Her dolphin is lovely! I totally see it! Wow!
    I have a friend who does a lot of art projects with her little girl. She has her daughter "sign" each one and puts the date on it. She saves them so that when she gets older she'll have them to look back on.
    Sounds like a fun morning for you two!

  2. That would make for a wonderful tradition. SO sweet!


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