Monday, October 13, 2008

Warning Label: TMI!

Let me just tell you guys about our weekend. It started off on shaky ground and ended up pretty much the same way. Friday afternoon we were going to visit Yia Yia and Pop and Aunt Casey. Anna and I got the car all packed up and the house all locked up and we went to pick up Chris at his office. On the way Anna told me her tummy hurt. I asked if she needed to go potty and she said no. We get to Chris's office and I asked her how her tummy felt and she said it it's a little better maybe. We had to wait for Chris to close down his computer and all of the other things you have to do to walk out of your office a little early on a Friday. All of a sudden Anna starts vomiting. It was horrible. I had the car still running but when she started I jumped out of the car and ran around to her where she proceeded to continue vomiting for what felt like FOREVER! I had nothing to catch it and no way to get her out of the car without it going everywhere. By the time I figured out how to get her out she was done. I called Chris's cell and told him to "Get out here NOW". I strip Anna, Chris skids up to us and was shocked to see what is going on. We finally get Anna changed and the car cleaned up. I am thinking hmm, maybe we shouldn't make this 2.5 hour trip. Anna is adamant that she is fine and wants to go! We get on the road and about a mile down the road Anna said she had to go pee pee. Not just a non-committal kinda way but I have to pee pee now or I am going to wet my pants. We pull into Target, take care of business and then get back on the road. About half a mile later Anna turned a little green and said she was gonna be sick so we pulled over to the side of the road. I wish you could see Chris tell this part because he is so funny. Anna and I get out and she is suddenly fine so we stand there looking at the inter coastal waterway and the boats out there. We are having a talk. I told her if she felt bad we just needed to stay home. We could not stop every 2 minutes or we would never make it to Yia Yia's house. I told her if we had to stop one more time we were going to turn around and go home. I needed her to be strong! She agreed and we got in the car. Chris during this conversation was sitting in the car on one of the busiest streets in our city. He said the car was bouncing around every time a car would zip by. Anyway, we finally got on the road again and made it to Yia Yia and Pop's house without stopping again.

Saturday was a rainy, yucky day. We didn't get much done. My sis in law did buy some Christmas stuff. Ornaments and new wreaths things like that. She blamed it on me that she bought them but they are SO cute! If you have a Hobby Lobby near you, you should go there. A lot of their Christmas stuff is 50% off already! We did have a very yummy coconut cake, too.

Sunday was a pretty day and we spent much of it outside. We went to visit some horses and some cows. Had car trouble! Oh yeah, we were full of issues! My car would not get out of park. It cranked up beautifully but we couldn't drive it lol. Finally, the neighbor across the street was called and he walked over and fixed it. It is OLD! Is what he said was wrong with it lol. He had to work the shift loose. It apparently just got stuck! Crazy, right?

We finally headed home around 3pm or so and headed straight to church. I missed choir practice. We had a social afterwards though so we joined in. It was a nice visit and we headed home around 8pm. I was exhausted it felt like it was 10 but I had to stay up to watch Desperate Housewives! We crashed around 10pm and around 3am was awakened by Anna. She was sick again, diarrhea and vomiting. We were up until around 4:30am. It was not pretty and I was awake for a lot longer. She has been fine this morning.

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  1. I am so sorry y'all had so many problems. I am glad Anna is feeling better now!


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