Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Monday

Today I sat down with 3 different sales papers and plotted out my shopping journey. I ended up going to Kroger and Food Lion and then finally the Dollar General. This was my first attempt at shopping different stores. I think I was pretty successful. I had $50.00 and I needed not only groceries but also misc. house items as well. I will post the break down on another post just for fun! Honestly, trying to work my shopping list to fit my budget was kinda fun!
Anyway, here is my menu for the week.
Monday: Cube Steak, Rice and peas in a butter sauce
Tuesday: Chili
Wednesday: Hot Dogs and Chips
(Will use any leftover chili for the dogs or maybe even some yummy frito's, chili and cheese!)
Thursday: Speghetti
Friday: Either French Toast or Bacon, Egg and Biscuits
Saturday: Grilled Chicken, Dressing and Sauted Veggies
Sunday: Leftovers
For more great menus go HERE


  1. I tried my first MPM today as well... I also did the Must be Santa Monday that I read here last week...

    Thanks for the good prompts... I enjoyed stealing them from you :)

  2. Great menu!! I would love to see your shopping breakdown!!

  3. I linked the Chicken Enchilada Soup to my post!


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