Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Works for me!

Last week Shannon gave the rules for using y'all. I was thinking if y'all can use the word y'all, you should also be able to make real sweet tea! Here is how I do it and if anyone else wants to add anything please do!

I heat water up in my tea pot.

At the same time I pour roughly 2 cups of sugar in a large pitcher. (I don't measure so this is a guess.) After the water boils I pour it in the pitcher. I let it stand for a while with 3 family size tea bags. I like Lipton but I am using the Food Lion brand right now and it is fine.

After I let it stand for about 30 minutes or longer if I forget about it. Squeeze your tea bags and then toss them. Now, add some cold water to it and mix it up. I prefer to drink mine after it has been in the fridge for a while but my hubby likes it hot out of the pitcher. I tell him that is the Yankee coming out of him ;)

I don't make it to often cause obviously we don't need a lot of sugar. Although we have had our friend Jason over a few nights a week lately so I have made it more often. I made this batch just for you though so pull up a seat and stay for a while!

(My daughter wanted me to include her cup lol)

For more great ideas go over to Shannon's!


  1. As a southerner through and through, if you can teach people to make decent tea, I thinkthe world will be a better place! That reminds me, I need to go put the kettle on. Thanks again for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come back.

  2. Oh I make some kick bootie tea, and I happen to say Y'all a lot. Want to know a secret....I'm originally from Flint Michigan...gasp...don't tell any of these other Texas folk though!


Y'all come back now ya here!