Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Monday

So I went to the grocery store with my menu as I have done for the past few weeks and guess what... Half the stuff on my menu wasn't in the store. I had gone by the sales paper and had made my menu by the meats and stuff on sale. Well, apparently they sold out over the weekend or something cause what I wanted wasn't in. Therefore, I had to revamp my menu for the week and I didn't do so well. I know I spent more than if I had been able to go by my menu. Now I just have to find a way to keep from having this happen again. Maybe come up with an alternate menu to have as a standby or something. Anyway, enough about that here is what I came up with.

Monday: Pork Chops (grilled)
with Pasta Roni and some peas

Tuesday: Hamburgers and hotdogs (our friend Jason will be coming over)
I still need to go get hamburger buns and some fries. They didn't have any buns except for the super expensive ones and the potatoes (on sale) I was going to get to make homemade fries weren't there.

Wednesday: rice and black eyed peas

Thursday: Speghetti

That is all I needed to shop for this week. We are going out of town this weekend. Some how I spent $38.00 and still didn't get everything I needed. I did get cereal and sandwich meat and things like that but still where did my money go this week?

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  1. I feel like I can't get out of the grocery store for less than $50 ever! Most the times it is closer to $100! Ridiculous!!


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