Friday, October 24, 2008


Halloween is almost upon us. When I was little I LOVED Halloween. I mean seriously, you get to dress up like someone else and go get free candy! We had this one neighbor when I was little that would always do little goody bags and popcorn balls for the neighborhood kids. She was my best friends Grandma Mrs. Mason. I loved going to her house. I always knew we would get something yummy from her. I can't tell you in general how much time I spent at Mrs. Masons house but it was extra special on this one night. She would oooh and aaaah over our costumes and make sure she slipped a little extra in for us. I miss Mrs. Mason! She has since passed away and I regret not getting over to visit her after I got married. Anyway, this post is about Halloween let me focus here lol.

Our Fall Festival at the church is next Friday night (Halloween night). My job has been to beg, no not beg just ask very nicely, for door prizes. I have done ok with my collections. Not quite as good as I would have liked but I am not done yet so maybe I can get more. I thought I would give out a big thanks on here to those that were nice enough to donate to our church.

Store ~ Item Donated
Carter's Outlet store ~ They let Anna pick out a toy! Anna chose a stuffed bear. Imagine how hard it was to explain it wasn't hers lol.
Cracker Barrel ~ Gift card for Dinner for Two
Sonic ~ Several coupons for $2 off.
125 coloring books with coupons in the back.
Burger King ~ 50 kids meal toys
Flying Frogs ~ 10 passes to their playground
Price Wise Foods ~ $30 worth of $1 toys
Chuck-E-Cheese ~ They are donating something although I am having trouble tying them down Seeds of Faith ~ They are donating something to be picked up Sat. It is a surprise!

I have several different irons in the fire but these are the ones that have come through. If anyone would like to donate something and it can be to me by Friday just let me know!!! We expect to have a crowd of 300-400 people.

I forgot to mention that I was out in the pouring rain and cold this morning doing this. Now I feel chilled to the bone. Well, really my feet and hands mostly but... Anyway, here are some pics from last year! Are you ready for Halloween?

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  1. Wow! You have a really big gathering for Halloween. It sounds like you are doing pretty good in the prize department. Hopefully you'll score some more stuff. I love getting dressed up for Halloween!


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