Thursday, October 16, 2008


You guys know if you have been around for a while that my neighbor use to cut my hair and color it all in exchange for dog sitting every once and a while etc. It was a wonderful arrangement and I LOVED it. Well, that neighbor has now been gone for about 4 or 5 months. Meaning that I haven't had anything done to my hair in that long! I hate having to go out and find someone that can do my hair because let me just tell ya, a cow LOVED me when I was a baby or something because I have so many cow licks my neighbor was shocked lol. Anyway, I use to call my neighbor and say Bethany I need you NOW or I am going to do something crazy! She would always come over in the next day or two. She was the best!!! Well, since I didn't have her to call I did something crazy lol. I decided I needed bangs. I was tired of looking at my big ole forehead. So y'all tell me what you think. I know I need to go somewhere to have them straightened a little but are they terrible? No nevermind don't answer that!!! I would rather not know if they are lol. Anyway, let this be a warning to you: pick up the phone don't go crazy like me!

Just so you know I am afraid to try to even them up because I would probably just keep going shorter on one side or the other until they were way to short!


  1. Hey, its not bad....I cut my bangs crooked on purpose!

  2. I have gone crazy like that too! I cut my hair by myself and then whined until my hubby straightened it up for me. Don't feel bad. It doesn't look bad!


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