Monday, March 10, 2008


We had a great trip. I feel like we were in the road for 10 days but it was a lot of fun! I will share some pictures with you all but first I need to share my bad news. Last night around 5 am our dog passed away. We were going to take him back to the vet this week but he didn't wait. I believe it has been a rough weekend for my hubby. It has been a little confusing for Anna, she keeps asking where Buddy is and looking for him saying "I can't find him". Hopefully, she will adjust to it soon. We knew it was coming and talked about it with her and tonight we tried to explain it all to her but I don't know how much she really has a handle on. We would appreciate any prayers!

Now onto the happier moments of the weekend. Sorry there are so many pictures but I just had to share!

Anna's swimsuit! She tried it on so we could get pictures. I just thought this one was funny!

This is the view off of the back balcony the day that we arrived. Can you see the clouds hanging low over the mountain?

Anna warming her hands in front of the fire. This just came to her naturally I didn't instruct her to do it.
Now she is playing Chess. We have such a smart little girl lol.
Here she is with Yia Yia waiting on dinner.

Here is the last of the sunsetting!

Here she is with me on the day we were leaving. Such clear skies!

Enjoy the pictures and I will tell you about our trip tomorrow maybe. Anna is driving me crazy at the moment so let me get her to bed!

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  1. Yay! Welcome back! I'm so sorry about Buddy passing away. There must be some sense of relief, though. I know you've been waiting for it for months. *sigh* So sad.


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