Sunday, March 02, 2008

In the beginning

Shawn at Letters to my Daughters has put out a call for bloggers that have been blogging since there babies were little. I kept one over at babababies but have since deleted it. I did make copies though and I thought I would share a few of my favorite posts from that first year. Well, really I did it from Jan. to May 06 before taking my break and restarting over here in Nov. So I will share just a few of my favorites.

Anna was about 5 months in January 2006.

January 7, 2006
Today has been an excellent day. Anna and her Daddy took a nap with me today. They got up and let me sleep for 2 more hours. I think I am human again lol!!! I love watching Chris with Anna. It is so cool knowing that our love created such a beautiful baby.

January 10, 2006
There is nothing more joyful than hearing your baby laugh at you. Even being exhausted it just warms your heart.

This was from the blog written in Anna's voice:

Feb. 14, 2006
I did sleep better last night. I got up at about 1:45am ate a little bit and went back to bed. So Mommy has done the same thing feeding me all day long. I think I could get very comfortable with this arrangement. I have played in the floor and even took a little nap.

To celebrate V-Day my Daddy is taking his two sweethearts to dinner.

June 14, 2006
I am delighted to report that I have 3 teeth coming in. They are not all the way out but almost. I have one more that hasn't popped out yet but it will soon.

I am staying at nursery at church without crying, well without crying to much anyways lol.

I am loving life!!! Being a baby is the coolest!!!


There are more that go into when she started riding in the grocery cart without her carrier and when she rolled over, when she started making the la sound and so much more. I didn't want to give them all to you lol.

I wish I had talked about nursing and the different moments we had with that both good and bad. I wish I would have been more detailed about some things. I don't think I have ever put anything down that I regretted except for some major type-os and misspelled words lol. If you are a new Mom just starting to blog I would recommend marking all of the milestones. On the babababies site I was using they had a place for all of your milestones and it had the averages of when most babies do them. ie: First Smile, First Laugh, First Word, Crawl, Wave etc...
If you would like to share anything with Shawn please feel free to leave her a comment!


  1. These are great! thanks for sharing. Maybe I was feeling these things, too ... In fact, I'm sure I was. I was just too sleep deprived to remember is all. ; )

  2. So sweet. I wish I had blogged when Ben was an infant. I didn't get started until he was ten months old... and I missed out on so much journaling. I am glad, though, that I'm keeping up with my Anna. Our last baby. *sniff*


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