Friday, March 14, 2008

Lighten Up Friday

I haven't done this for about 3 weeks. I have had my ups and downs during that time. I pretty much have averaged a pound a week. I don't think that is to bad. In fact I am pleased with it considering I have had my ups and downs with my eating habits too.

I was very excited when I got on the scale this morning and saw that I had lost another pound. When I weighed for my class on Wednesday it said I had gained a pound. So that pound plus another one disappeared between Wednesday and this morning woo hoo! I tend to do that though I will lose a pound, gain it plus another one and then I will lose them again plus some. It is so crazy but as long as my end result is good I will take it lol.


  1. I often wonder where those pounds hide out at while they depart for a few days before coming back. They never seem to leave me for good so I know they are just hanging out somewhere!

  2. Chris and I have that same pattern. He'll actually be two or three pounds up one night, and then down five or six the next day. It's so weird.

    Good job!


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