Monday, March 24, 2008

Past and Future!

We had a great weekend! Anna looked so pretty for Easter! She had so much fun with all of the activities and the basket and the extra family time. Easter is so much better with a child! Of course, I think most things are just better with a child lol. Before we had Anna all of the holidays and vacations etc were just missing something. Now looking at everything through Anna's eyes just makes everything so exciting and new again. It is the next best thing to being a kid yourself lol.
I don't know why I got off on that tangent lol. I love being a Mommy and it shows I guess lol.

Anyway, This week I am going to start my veggie garden. I am very excited about this. I have never had one before because we have always had big dogs that wouldn't be kind to it. Now I am going to take advantage of the yard we have and plant all sorts of veggies! I have a friend or two that will be coming to help and we are going to work together on all of our yards. (Angel, I ran into Lori at the store this morning and mentioned it. She said she might come help if we help do hers lol.) I can't wait! I will post pictures of course for you guys including a before and after shot. Then ya'll can watch the growing process with us! If anyone has any gardening tips please feel free to pass them on. We are using seeds and I have never done that before!


  1. Have fun with your veggies! What are you planting? We're doing one this year, too. It's so much fun for the kids. I need to start thinking about what I want to do. But we're a few weeks behind you in planting. I don't think I told you that I really like your header!

  2. Enjoy your garden! You'll love it! I plant one every year and just love being out in it. I have to wait a few more weeks as we are still have some chilly weather here. I don't have much advise but I do know that if you plant hot peppers of any sort, make sure you don't plant them next to your bell peppers. The hot flavor will seap into the bells and they loose their natural flavor. Also, if you plant cucumbers, don't let them get too big or they get a funky taste to them. Try freezing some of the veggies you grow. They will be excellent come the winter!


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