Wednesday, March 05, 2008

She cracked me this morning!

After washing Anna's sheets 2 days in a row I had a weak moment and bought some night time pull ups. I will at least use them when we are gone this weekend. Oh I don't think I have mentioned it on here. We are going to the mountains to celebrate my MIL's Birthday. It isn't until later in the month but her sister wants to take her to the mountains for a girls weekend. This is just the only weekend it worked out. So tomorrow we will head up to their house and then Friday morning head off to the mountains. I am excited about our trip I just hate that my hubby will be stuck at home alone. Hopefully he will be able to entertain himself. Oh who am I kidding he will probably play poker Friday night and either play golf or something on Saturday. I hope he has fun whatever it is he does. I plan on having fun! I am hoping to even squeeze in some hiking or something equally as cool and active.

But back to the pull ups - I don't really want to use them but I really want a full nights sleep of not getting up to take her potty. I would also like a break from washing her sheets so much. I feel as if we are back tracking though so I don't know. I will use them for this pack which will last almost a month and then we will decide if I buy another pack. Luckily since she will only wear them at night it will only be about $10 for a month. I could save that in the water and detergent from washing her sheets so much.

Well, I have a million things to do before tomorrow so I better run. Hope you all have a good afternoon.

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  1. I know it's probably not helpful... but I wore a diaper at night until I was four. -- Backtracking is okay. It probably won't make her regress to needing diapers during the day.


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