Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My weekend!

It was fun and odd lol. We left my in-laws house Friday morning and headed off to the mountains in NC. We stopped in a small town for lunch and I had the yummiest wrap ever. It was a cheeseburger wrap. We made it to the house mid-afternoon. It is a beautiful home. 3 stories with beautiful views of the mountains. I stayed in the basement and let me just say it was like a little piece of heaven. I had a huge screened tv and a fireplace with a thermostat. I stayed nice and toasty every night! Friday night Anna started out sleeping with her Yia Yia but she fell out of the bed half way through the night and ended up with me. Saturday night she slept with me and I think she loved it downstairs as much as I did.

Saturday we went to some shoe store that had so many shoes you would have to spend HOURS there to look at them all. I bought me a pair of sketcher sandals for $17.00! They were kids shoes lol. We did some exploring in the mountains including trying to find the spots where Dirty Dancing was filmed. It was great and relaxing. The only problem was the stairs in the house. Anna wanted to keep going up and down and up and down. It was driving us crazy lol. I ended up staying downstairs so she could just go back and forth. She didn't want to go down if no one was down there unless someone went with her.

The weather on Saturday is what was so odd. We left the house and started down the mountain. The temperature dropped from 50 to 36 in like 10 minutes. We saw sleet one minute, sunshine the next and then pure fluffy snow flakes the next. It was crazy I have never seen anything like it. It was a cold day but the sun finally came out to stay for a while. Listening to the wind in the house was wild. It whistled and carried on both nights we were there. I couldn't really hear it from downstairs so it didn't keep me up. Although with my very own fireplace keeping me so cozy I don't think anything would have kept me up.

Anna was a real trooper through the entire trip. The curvy roads made me sick but she seemed to be ok with it until we started down the mountain the last time. She got sick for the first time. I am guessing it was a combination of factors including it was a clear pretty day and Cindy was charging on down the mountain lol. That and she really didn't have anything solid on her stomach probably didn't help. She did great though. In May we will be heading to Tennessee and it will be a longer drive so hopefully she will do just as well.

That was our weekend. It went by in a whirlwind but it was a lot of fun! Thanks Cindy for inviting us to join you guys!

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