Thursday, March 06, 2008

Miss Me!!!

Well we are leaving for our trip today. First we are going to the park with all of our new friends. I am hoping to wear Anna out enough to have her sleep at least some of the way in the car. After playing we will have lunch with my hubby and away we will go! Anna is excited about going to see Yia Yia and everyone else. Last night she kept wanting to call "Cinny". She has only met Chris's Aunt a few times and just for short periods of time. However, she must have made an impression lol. I am excited that they will have a chance to get to know each other better over the weekend. Hopefully the drive to NC won't be to bad on us all.

I need to run so I can finish getting us ready to go. But before I do I have to share a joke that Chris told Anna last night.

How did the tissue dance?

Anna put a boogie in it!

Anna didn't quite get it but I thought it was cute! Have a good weekend everyone and I will see ya'll Monday or Tuesday! With pictures!!!


Y'all come back now ya here!