Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna is getting very entertaining with the way she is putting things together. I hope you get a good laugh!

  • Walking through a store, Anna goes to the bra section: She said "Mommy, brog for my boobies" as she is saying this she is covering her boobies and pointing at one of the largest bras I had ever seen lol.
  • We have a large bridge that we have to go over sometimes. Coming over it a few weeks ago she says: "Mommy on the bridge" I said "yes baby we are on the bridge" She said "Mommy, I know that!" Can't you just hear the eyes rolling!
  • She tells me "Not funny"!
  • Our doggie passed away this past week. I tried to explain that he went to heaven to be with Jesus so she said "OH, he's at church!"
  • She also said walking out the door "Bye Buddy" She stopped and thought about. Realized that he wasn't here any longer and stomped her foot and went "Oh, man!"
  • Watching the Dancing with the Stars show she said about one of the dancers (I will not mention his name because I really like him) "Mommy, He's pulling poopy out!" I don't know what made her think this unless it was because he was wearing tux with tails.

Hope you enjoyed our Tiny Talk! Go to NB7 for more Tiny Talk Tuesday!


  1. I love the comment about the dog going to church. Too funny!

  2. The first comment would have had me busting up in the store.

  3. These are so cute. My goodness she is growing up so quickly!

    Loved the one in the store!


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