Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Week in Review!

What a fun week this has been. It started with us going to the real park on Monday. All of that cool, well not cool but cooler, air was amazing! Then Tuesday we went to the indoor playground because we were out anyway. And yesterday my hubby stayed home from work because he didn't get any sleep. So Anna and I went to check on my car. That was fun. We had to sit for a while with an elder lady that LOVED to chat. Well I shouldn't say chat because I didn't converse with her but she loves to talk that is for sure. We talked about her grandchildren that were my age. Her dog that died a while ago. Her car and working at Publix. She was quite a lady. I bet she would be interesting to talk to if we weren't sitting in a hot little mechanic waiting room type place. So my car needs a new coolant fan. That little sucker is going to cost us $260.00 can you believe that. I tell you what, cars are just a royal pain when they start getting older. Anyway, after we got that lovely news we left and went to the playground so my hubby could get a little more sleep and Anna could burn off a little energy. She is getting to where she plays really well with other children. Before she would watch them or play in the same area as them but now she is actually interacting with them. Of course, a lot of that was her trying to love on them lol. I am raising a touchy, feely kid lol. Which is ironic to me since I am not a touchy, feely person. I wasn't raised that way. I honestly wanted to make sure Anna knew it was ok to hug people or to touch their hands or whatever. So I have made a concious effort to make her comfortable. I just didn't realize she would be an extremest lol. After that we came home and spent the rest of the day with Daddy! Anna loved having him here. She had him coloring, blowing bubbles and anything else she could think of. And of course he loved every minute of it. I enjoyed the break. I felt like I had a vacation day lol. I let the Daddy do all the work and I chilled out. It was great! Today we didn't go anywhere. We stayed home and did a little housework and played. It was kinda rainy and Anna's mood matched it. The best part of today was that it was actually cool enough to have the windows up ALL day! It got toasty in the late afternoon. But I love being able to have the windows up. I feel like the house needs to breathe sometimes. I know I am crazy but eh who isn't. Tomorrow, we will have to finish our housework and laundry and get ready for Yia Yia and Pop to come see us. We might go to the park if we get moving early. We will just have to see. So that has been my week. It has been pretty great. Anything fun or exciting happening in your life?

The picture with peanut butter was snack time today! She sure does love her butter lol.

Updates: Gina is making improvements every day. She is now critical but stable.

My friend Catherine has cervical cancer but they seem to be benign. She has finished her 2nd treatment. which consists of scraping the cervics and a little radiation. She has a 10 month old that is staying with his Daddy while this is happening. She is doing better after this second round so hopefully she will recover soon.

& I keep forgetting to ask about Anastacia. I need to send them an email right now while I am thinking aobut it.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time. I love letting Ben and Chris have time alone together. My favorite is sending them out to the hardware store, where they can spend hours and not spend a dime. I stay home with my feet up and play computer games. :)


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