Monday, September 17, 2007

Prayer Request

A friend of my in-laws had her baby yesterday. She is 6 weeks early and her lungs aren't fully developed. She is also fighting some type of infection that they can't seem to find the cause. Please keep them in your prayers. Melissa was like many women and had a very difficult time getting pregnant. Her and her husband are also adopting a baby from China. They started the process and then found out she was pregnant and decided to continue with the adoption. Gina was born around 5AM and weighs a little more than 5 lbs. They had to take the baby to a different hospital and they don't know when Melissa will be released. Please keep them in your prayers. I can't even imagine the fear Melissa and her husband are facing.
By the way, I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog I didn't even realize it until I came in to do this one lol. I will try to get a lovely post put on when Anna is napping!

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  1. You got it. That family is definitely in my prayers.


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