Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I don't have long so I will just hit the highlights today. Between a sick little one and doing my tackle for the day time is not on my side.

So my little 2 year old is a doll. She has more and more words every day and sentences are falling from her mouth as if she has been talking forever.

The other day we went to dinner and she was tired of sitting in her chair so I scooped her up and had her in my arms. She looked up and said "hey baby" lol. Isn't that way to cute.

My MIL asked her on the phone how her day was and she said "fine".

She answers questions like "where's your daddy?" with "On my bed".

She asks questions a lot. What's that? where is ______?

She prays every day at meal time. We need to introduce bedtime prayer. She is so sweet though she goes Dear God, Buddy, yumm yumm, Mommy, Daddy and whoever else is on her mind at the time and then she goes AAAAAMEN

So what are your little ones saying? Go to NB7 for more Tiny Talk!


  1. Two is such a cute age - "hey baby" is just too cute!

  2. Aw... what a sweet prayer!

  3. "Hey, baby"...that's sweet! One of my 2 yeard olds says "hey, bebe" when he winks at me!

  4. i love listening to little one's pray. very cute


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