Monday, September 10, 2007

Lighten up!

Yesterday I got all serious on you. So I thought today I would try to be light and airy lol.

This is part of my view on the way home. Well from this angle it is leaving but you get the idea. When we go out of town and we get to this point that is when I know we are home. The air is thick and you can smell the marsh some days and I think it is perfect. I love to go out of town but boy do I love coming home to our space.

As I mentioned yesterday, my hubby and I started teaching Sunday School yesterday. It was interesting lol. We are teaching 5th and 6th graders. We had only one student yesterday. It is our goal to build our class and eventually have it busting at the seams. If anyone has any fabulous ideas to make our class fun and exciting please share them. Anna looked so pretty yesterday. She looked like a little Pixie. She loved the dress. It is a 2T so I wanted to let her wear it before the summer was over and she missed her chance. She is just know getting into 2T stuff lol. My little, itty bitty girl. So anywho, I had to actually bribe her to get her to let me take it off lol. She liked the ribbons and the way it felt. She would twirl in it and she kept running her hands through the ribbons. I finally told her she could put on one of her other dresses and she couldn't eat until we did. She finally agreed I guess she was hungry. Plus she really likes the other little dress we changed her into so that worked.

Here is Buddy! I have decided it was meant to be to get him back. We have had a lot of time to spoil him again and he is loving it. He is even being playful at times. Not for long mind you cause his hips are bad but we are cherishing every moment. Last night he gave us a scare but he is fine. I thought this picture was to funny. I was getting some of Anna in her pretty little dress and Buddy decided to get in on the action lol.

Well it is time for us to head out to the grocery store so I will chat with you all later. Hope you have a good week!

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  1. Welcome home, Buddy.

    It's your blog ... write whatever moves you.

    There are no phonies in this world ... just human beings.


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