Monday, September 03, 2007

Buddy is back home!

Well, it has been interesting lol. Buddy did great on the trip to his new home and then settled in fine for a while. Then he decided he wanted to come home and started peeing all over everything. He would pee just an hour after going outside, on rugs, on walls or just on the hardwood floor. Poor Cindy was distraught and didn't know what to do since she has to go back to work and didn't want to wade into her house after 6 hours. So after long thoughts and discussions and don't forget prayers we decided that the only way to handle it was to bring him home. Now we are just wondering if Maggie will make it there without him. She is doing great right now but tomorrow she will be home TOTALLY alone for the first time EVER! So hopefully she will be ok and not to terribly lonely. One side of me feels the universe has shifted back into place now that Buddy is back but a part of me was really excited about a dog free house. Oh well, apparently we are meant to keep Buddy and so we shall. Now a part of me wants Maggie back too. I mean why not since we have Buddy already lol. Oh well, seriously I hope she is happy in her new home and will be a good girl. She is loving all of the attention she is getting and I think that is fabulous! Thank you all for the prayers and please keep dropping one for us here and there as we adjust to all of these changes.
PS. Anna wasn't worried about the puppies before but now that Buddy is home she keeps asking "where's Maggie?".

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