Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

The other day Anna was sitting with her Daddy. She wanted some crackers and he just couldn't figure out what she was saying. So he kept saying what do you want? Finally after saying it like 6 times she grabbed his face and said very slowly crrrraaaaackkkkerrrrsss! It still took him a second to get it even though it was clear as a bell lol.

Anna is a bossy child lol. She likes to command things. I am guessing from us talking to the dogs in commands at time. So you will often hear her say - sit, come, stay etc. Now she is Buddy's voice. If he is outside and wants in she says - lethim in. or if he wants out she says Buddy out! It is very funny. They have truly bonded. Oh and just for the record our older dog Buddy - the one that came home - is hard of hearing at times. So I will often times pat my leg if I say come. Anna will do that to whomever she is commanding lol.

I don't think I told this one - a few weeks ago at breakfast with her Pop and Yia Yia the waitress spilled coffee. Anna looks up at her and says - eww MESS!!! The lady quickly apologized to Anna (even though it obviously wasn't her coffee lol) and quickly retrieved a rag and cleaned it up lol.

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  1. Karen@FamilyBriefs12:00 PM

    I love when our kids try to command our Great Dane - a 3-year-old next to a dog that stands about as tall as her while she shouts "Sit" is just too funny!

    These are too cute - thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww...we don't have a dog...what cute stories!


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