Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday!

Well, Anna has been full of words this past week. Unfortunately, I forgot to write most of it down. Here is what I can remember

She was out and about with her Yia Yia and Pop Saturday morning. Pop asked her if she needed a clean diaper and she reached her hand down and pulled it back out. Holding her hand up she says "I'm good

Her most popular sentence right now is "where's Maggie"

She learned the word amblance = ambulance

Oh and my personal favorite lol. Pop was watching football sat. pm. She watched it with him with complete interest. Calling fooball! That is how she went to sleep. Last night my hubby was flipping through the channels and he paused on a football game but didn't say anything. Anna and I were in the floor and she calls out fooball! She was delighted to see it again

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  1. Love the diaper one...too cute!

  2. I love "I'm good"! Such a grown up thing to say. I say that all of the time. So cute.


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