Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am throwing myself a pity party!

My pain in the butt car is still broke!!! We thought it needed a battery, well we hoped it just needed a battery. Apparently, we were wrong. I don't have a clue what the problem is and to find out that will take the green stuff that we have so little of. So it looks like Anna and I will be stuck at home quite a bit over the next month or two. If anyone would like to donate some of that lovely green stuff to our cause you could become my new best friend!!! lol I am just kidding. Well, unless you really do want to in that case I would not refuse lol.

On to better more exciting things we are going to a one year old birthday party and surprise going away party for friends a friend of ours we haven't seen in a while. His son turns one and he is going out on a boat for I think 6 months but I am not sure. We will be going to that Saturday and then stopping to visit my cousin for the night staying at a beach on our way home. That will be great too. We haven't seen them in a while either. They have a son that is 10 months old and are the same ones that lost a baby when we had Anna. I won't go into details about that because it is to heart breaking and I don't want to focus on any more bad stuff!

I am trying to shake off the blues if you can't tell so I will tell you some of the funny and wonderful things Anna has been up to. You could always check her blog but now you don't have too. Unless of course you want to see pictures and videos. She has been so full of energy. She is used to going a good bit through the week. Probably every other day we would go to the indoor park or grocery store or just somewhere to see other faces. So anywho, we have been trying to find ways to entertain ourselves. You can only clean so much. So we have been dancing and reading and pretending a lot more than we did before. See there is my silver lining right lol. Well one morning she woke up before me and my hubby and she decided to put on makeup. REAL lipstick you can see the picture HERE! It is beautiful, huh! Seriously though who could get mad at that face. You could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it and she was such a good girl she didn't get it on anything else! She loves music so we have made 3:00 our music hour. We just spend the hour singing and dancing and acting silly. She is a much better dancer than I am, she has her Daddy's rhythem! I can only dance if I have had a little something to drink. Which isn't often so most times I just can't dance! Luckily Anna doesn't care if I don't know the cool moves or if I get off the beat. Isn't that great!!! We have a pool time every other day pretty much too so that is entertaining for her. She loves anything that involves water. So her little baby pool just makes her day.

Yikes this post got a lot longer than I intended. Sorry for blabbing on and on. Make me feel better and tell me something wonderful going on in your life!


  1. I love the world of pretend and am so looking forward to playing it with my girls. Honestly, I was the master of pretend. I think I still am, which is why I'm drawn to fiction writing so much.

    I think there could be nothing better than hiding in a fun, pretend (and perfect) world of our imaginations!

    Happy, happy Day!

  2. sounds like you had fun growning up. My imagination always got the better of me growning up. I shake my head at myself when I remember some of the stuff I came up with


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