Monday, July 30, 2007

Menu Monday - July 30th

Monday - Chicken Tettrazini (sp?)
pictured on the right side. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and it is YUMMY!
Tuesday - hamburger steak w/gravy & mashed potatoes and peas
Wednesday - left overs!
Thursday - my mother & sister in law will be here
I think I am going to try out some Sonora Chicken Pasta on them.
Friday - Anna's birthday - we will either go out or fix her favorite - SPEGHETTI
Saturday - Something light not sure what yet!
So what is on your menu for the week. If you would like to see other yummy menus go HERE.


  1. mmm.. that pasta looks delicious!! Great meal plan.

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

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  3. I've got a crazy busy week so tonight my MIL is making her BBQ for us, tomorrow spinach and cheese ravioli in pesto sauce, probably take out on wednesday, my mom visits the rest of the week so I'll make her cook!

  4. Great menu, everything looks wonderful.


  5. yum! i LOVE chicken tetrazini!! Throw some velvetta cheese in there and it makes it even better. ;)

  6. Looks good this week! I'm trolling for next week's MPM.


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