Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna is my tiny talker. She will be 2 in just a few weeks.

This weekend we went to the beach and this particular beach had a lot of crabs. She had never seen those because where we usually go doesn't. She fell in love with these hard shell creatures and was fascinated with one particular one. When he went away she said: Come back bug!!! Luv You!!!

(There is a crab in the picture. He is hiding in the grass. )

dessert is deert

book is ook

outside is ouside

don't forget to add a little southern accent because she sounds like a little southern belle with most words!


Her favorite phrases:

Open de door

wanna go ouside

come on les go play


For more adorable Tiny Talk go to Not before 7!!!


  1. So cute!
    My kids comments crack us up all the time too.

  2. So cute!
    My kids comments crack us up all the time too.

  3. So cute! Glad you participated. It sounds like you all had a nice trip. I'd love a southern accent...a little southern belle :)

  4. Karen@FamilyBriefs8:43 AM

    Thanks for sharing - these are so cute! We have southern accents too - it usually turns a one-syllable word into a two- or three-syllable word. Like head becomes hay-edd

  5. she sounds so adorable. my Sam found a rolley polie yesterday and told it she loved it. lol


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