Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Feeling Blue!

This morning my hubby left to go out of town over night. We really don't have a lot of time together because he is in school and very active at church and when he is home we want to do family stuff. I have been missing him and feeling fairly cheated because of what he is doing. I know in the long run it will all be worth it but that doesn't make the present any easier. This morning I was going to take Anna to the soft play ground to play for a while to keep our minds off of missing Daddy! However, we get in the car Anna is all strapped in and I go to crank up and guess what happened!?! Absolutely NOTHING!!! It turned over and dinged and then nothing. I HATE car trouble. I have been tied up in knots all day thinking about how much this is going to cost. We are hanging on by our teeth financially and this is going to hurt! I have been so absorbed in ME that I have forgotten that I am not the only person in the universe. I popped over to Big Mama's blog and she reminded me in her wonderfully articulate way that God has his own plan. My hubby is working with the youth because he feels God's calling to do so. He works with teens that have major family issues and he is really good at it. He is a wonderful man that is going for his Masters degree because he knows that it will help us in the long run.
Today I was having my little pity party and I really shouldn't be I should be rejoicing that we have the blessings in our life that we do. Everything happens for a reason and maybe that reason simply was I wasn't supposed to be on the road today. Maybe it was that I needed to clean my kitchen (which I did when I was so frustrated - it looks fabulous). Sometimes we don't find out the reason but we should know that there is one! Big Mama was talking about her dog getting out this morning. She can tell it so much better so you should really pop over there and read it but the gist of it was that something happened simply because her dog was missing that probably wouldn't have happened otherwise. It just really struck a chord with me today. I would really appreciate any prayers you can offer up for me I need to release control of my life over to God. I am so tired of driving and running over curbs. I just have trouble letting go and not snatching the wheel back ya know!?!

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