Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Childhood Home

This is for a meme going on over at Owlhaven. They want to hear all about what made your childhood home special. So I will tell you all about my home.

The first home I remember I only have a few memories. It had hardwood floors that creaked and they scared me so I would run as fast as I could at 3 or 4 and jump on the bed so that whatever monster was under there would not grab me. Sad huh lol. I also remember that my brother threw one of my favorite toys on the roof of that house and I cried over it the day we moved out.

The home we were in from the time I was 5 until the day I got married however is full of memories. Both good and bad. So many memories are fighting to get out and on paper so bare with me if they are a little jumbled.

My favorite memory that I have of the house is in the front yard. My Mother had a flower bed in front of the house it was built up with railroad ties and it was over grown most of the time. One day my brother and I decided we were going to dig to China! What better place than there it was soft and if people started coming out we were close to the front door lol. So we started digging we made a LOT of progress and suddenly I hit something hard. We were down in the hole deep enough for us to feel like we were doing good. Well what I hit was red and of a funny consistency. I was young but I knew that hell was fire and red and stuff so what path do you think my brain took when I saw that red strange stuff. Yes you got it I thought I had dug to far and we had found hell! I was so scared I jumped, well, climbed out of the hole and ran in the house sobbing and carrying on that Satan was going to come out and get me cause I had disturbed his home lol. Such an imagination, it never stopped either!

We had pool parties in a little 3 ft pool in the back yard. Family get togethers and friends over. My brother was quite the prankster we were going out of town so my uncle was going to check on the house and everything while we were gone. My brother had a fake snake - my uncle was petrified of snakes! My uncle came over and knew that we would be home in the next day or two and he wanted to check the pool. He went out to check it and saw this snake in the pool and freaked out! He ran away from it but couldn't leave it there because he was afraid we would jump in and get bit or something. So he goes back and gets the ladder and starts grinding on this snake. Imagine his upset when it rolls over and it was a fake snake lol.

The pool was a source of a lot of entertainment but it was also a source of a lot of upset. My brother liked to splash me and I didn't take to that well. One day I had had enough and I told him to stop. He continued I told him 3 times and he kept on so I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed him and shoved him under the water! I was going to drawn him. My father was in the pool with us but he was clueless about what I was doing until my mother yelled at him. He saved me from drowning my brother lol I am sure I would have stopped I was teaching him a lesson! He never did splash me again!!!

Inside the house has a lot of memories too. My brother looking for Christmas presents making me be the look out. Climbing in to bed with my brother when it was storming cause I was afraid. Laying in bed listening to my mother do the dishes because she knew I hated to go to bed and have the house be totally silent. We only had 1 bathroom and 4 people so I would always wake up like at 5:30, when I was in high school, so that I could have some quiet time in the bathroom. You can only listen to them banging on the door going hurry up, hurry up so much ya know. I had a few friends over one night and we were watching Friday the 13th, who knows which one, my mother decided to be cute and when the music started right before he attacked she threw some socks at us. Popcorn went everywhere!!! I could keep going but Anna needs me so enjoy this and leave me a comment if you want me to check out your story!


  1. I love the digging to hell part. That is so cute!

  2. This was great-- I loved the flowerbed dig session too.



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