Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Works for me Wednesday - Speghetti

Or Sghetti as Anna calls it. We eat speghetti at least once a week because it is so easy to make and Anna just loves it. I cook it differently from most people so I thought I would share with you guys how I do it.

Here are the ingredients that you need except I forgot to add garlic and pasta to the picture lol.

1) Brown hamburger meat
2) Drain any extra fatty grease out
3) Season to taste with Worchester Sauce, salt, pepper, garlic etc.

4) Add a can or jar of speghetti sauce - I use Hunt's Traditional
5) Add a can of diced tomatoes
6) Let simmer for a short period but if you don't have time that is ok too

7) Now it is time to add the speghetti - I don't cook it seperate I cook it all together
8) So I add a little water or beef broth then I add the speghetti I typically break it in half and then add it because it is just easier but you can do it keeping them whole.

Melanie - wanted to know how much water I add and I would love to say it is exactly 2 cups or whatever but sadly I have never really measured. I grab my water pitcher and pour in until the pot looks right. You can add the pasta first and then add water so that all the pasta is covered like the above picture. You can always add more later if you need to. Also, I cook it covered for the most part but at the end I will uncover it for about 5-10 minutes or so just to let some of the water cook out. If you like it more juicy keep it covered. This is a dish that you can do numerous ways and often times when I cook it it will taste different. I will do something different to it to slightly change the flavor so play with it and you will find what works for you. I hope you read this Melanie I would have sent you an email but you have your profile hidden!

9) Let it cook on about 4 or 5 until the pasta is soft and then it is all done.

Oh you can also add onion if you want just add it when you add the sauce or you can saute it with the beef either way. I add it on occasion but I hate cutting them so not often lol. And if you want to get some extra veggies into your little ones you can add some early peas and they would not even notice! So this is what works for us. I think it tastes so much yummier than cooking it seperately but you might think I am nuts! Seriously though you should try it! Don't stir to often when it is cooking but don't let it stick. If you want more great tips go to Rocks in my Dryer!


  1. I have never heard of cooking the noodles with the sauce. Very interesting idea. I might have to try that next time I make it :)

  2. I'm totally trying that next time! What a fun idea - I'm all for any meal that only dirties one pan. Thanks!

    Recently I did a WFMW about frozen onions (you can buy them already diced, near the veggies), but Mr. Linky didn't agree with it. I'll have to repeat it sometime!

  3. hi! I was curious when you say you like to add a little broth or water how much you add? I was wanting to make this for dinner but didn't want water logged pasta!
    thank you!
    Melanie :)

  4. Anonymous1:51 PM

    thank you for adding that for me! I really appreciate it! Also thanks for the tip about the hidden profile, that was new to me!



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