Saturday, July 07, 2007

Independence Day Weekend

We have had a very busy week/weekend! Anna and I came to my in-laws to spend from the 4th to the 8th. We have been going non-stop. Anna thinks her feet are broken because her Yia Yia and Pop carry her anywhere she wants to go. She thinks Mommy is being naughty whenever she laughs a little to loud lol. (which happens often!) She has been a real trooper about having her schedule jumbled up and her routines changed. The first few nights she cried for Yia Yia to "save" her when it came time to go to bed. I stuck to my guns and Yia Yia resisted the urge to fix it and now the last night there wasn't a peep out of her. She went to sleep about like she does at home. I will admit that I have enjoyed not doing laundry, cooking or much cleaning! I have enjoyed having someone to watch Anna so that I could chill out or rest or whatever. BUT I am SOOOO ready to go home! I miss my bed! my husband! my food! my puppies! Tomorrow we are going home!!!

The highlights of my trip? Well, lets see there were the sparklers which Anna loved. They brought back many fun memories for me as well. Although the best 4th story I have is about my brother. He was probably 10 or something and shooting off Roman Candles with my uncle. He counted out how many came out like he was told but he was missing one. The goof ball that he was tilted it down to look in it to see where it was or something and boom here it comes. He got it away from his face but it shot his shirt and stomach. His shirt looked like he had been shot with a gun! He was totally fine though. This is where I should put the disclaimer don't try this at home!

Thursday we just kind of hung out and goofed off. Friday my sister-in-law the best sister-in-law/Aunt in the world took me to get a pedicure. Not the kind where you wonder what exactly these people are saying about you because they are speaking in a foreign tongue, but the kind where you go to a "spa" type setting and you relax to ocean sounds and have an American woman do it for you while you converse and have lovely conversations! It was the best as is she!!! Our girls name was Leisa she was so funny and entertaining 2 hours passed very quickly. Yes you read that right 2 hours - one hour for me and one for my sil! How great is that!!! After that we hooked back up with my in-laws and Anna and went for ice cream where my mother-in-law who is like Julia Sugerbaker and NEVER makes a mess. Spilled some of her milk shake on her blouse. (It leaked out of the cup:) Anna derived so much pleasure out of informing everyone in the mall that Yia Yia made a mess! It was very comical. Anna is obsessed with messes and cleanliness (passed down by Yia Yia through the gene pool I am sure).

Today was the best day yet though. We went to this place called Edventure Children's Museum. It was just us girls; Pop decided to head off to the golf course. So we had a blast. Anna LOVED everything about this place. Check out the link for pictures of Anna showing off the highlights of the museum. I got to try my hand at composing music and being a news anchor although I think I will stick with being a bloggy Mommy!!! It was a ton of fun and I can't wait to take my hubby because I know he will LOVE it as much as Anna did.

Tomorrow we will go home and I will have to start the process of unspoiling Anna. Not a task I am looking forward to but one that is necessary all the same. If you have any good tips on how to save my sanity through it please pass them on. I hope I can survive and be the victor at the end of this but I am scared very scared lol. Thanks for making it this far this turned into quite a long post but I had a lot to catch up on! I would love to get some comments on what you all have been doing or leave a link and I will come check out your blog to see for myself! Have a good night.


  1. Looks great!! Gosh, what fun you're having. Enjoy it.

    Oh, I like the site improvements. Very nice.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Guess who??? - the best sil/Aunt in the world!!

    I can't believe that you put the picture of your feet on the web! You know you are the craziest sil anyone could ever have!! You do keep things interesting and I wouldn't (umm..couldn't) trade you in for the world!!! (any bidders out there???) Just kidding!!! The new look for your blog is fabulous!!


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