Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna is my little talker and she keeps it going pretty steady. Here is what she has had to say over the past few weeks.

While we were packing her Daddy up:

Anna: Where is Daddy going?

Mommy: Daddy is going to Kentucky to work for God.

Anna: Mommy, I need Jesus too!

Every morning after she wakes up:

Anna: Mommy what are us doing today?

Talking to her Daddy while he is away:

Anna: What're you doin?

Daddy: Walking

Anna: What did you find?

Daddy: A park

Anna: NO come to my house!

The first night we were trying to get her to stay in her bed and go to sleep by herself (Which was this past Thursday):

Anna: Moooommmmmmyyyyy (numerous times)

Mommy: Anna I will come to check on you in a minute please stop yelling at me.

Pause for a moment

Anna: Mooommmmmmyyyy I am in YOUR spot!!!

Mommy: You are?

Anna: Yes are you coming?

Mommy: I will come check on you in a minute. You can stay in my spot!

On the way to a friends house:

Mommy: (Singing) Nacho Nacho Man ~ I want to be a nacho man. (we were going to eat nachos)

Anna: (after singing with me for a while) Mommy thats enough.

Mommy: Oh ok. (after stopping for a minute I started again. I couldn't help it.)

Anna: Mommy I said thats enough.


  1. Daddy1:26 PM


    Oh, we have quite the firecracker.

    Holding on tight,

  2. Now she knows how we feel when we ask them to stop doing something and they keep on doing it!! Too cute!!

  3. Aunt Casey7:21 AM

    She doesn't get her quick witt from me - not at all!!

    Hey - I had to contribute something - don't you just love it:)!!!

  4. What a cutie pie. Boy, she is getting so big. these tiny talks used to be 1-2 word phrases...not anymore, huh?


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