Monday, June 23, 2008


Yesterday at the bottom of my post I told you I was working on our sleeping arrangements. We started Thursday and it has been going pretty good. Last night I put her to bed at 9. She wanted to watch the Jungle Book so I put it on. I was going to go turn it off a little later and get her to go to sleep. After she called me a few times and begged me to watch it with her she ended up falling asleep by 9:30. Going to bed by herself she seems to be going to sleep earlier than before. Maybe I was causing some distraction, hmph. Oh and last night she woke up around 11 to go pee pee and then slept the rest of the night without wetting the bed or her pull up!!! I have started to put those on her at night since I am not sleeping in there. If she can sleep the night through hey I am game. I was actually getting worried that I was teaching her to wake up in the middle of the night.
I really do miss snuggling up with her but I am not going to lie I love having a bed all to myself. Sorry honey, you know when you come home I will love snuggling with you. This has been a rough time for me. I so want to cave every time she calls me. Thankfully she isn't calling me so much now lol. Each night it seems to be a little less.

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