Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming lessons!

We are signing Anna up for swim lessons YAY!!! Thank you Yia Yia and Pop for making that possible. We are very excited about this. We are going to start July 14 and go through the 24th. It will hopefully be wonderful lol. However, I am concerned about Anna because she doesn't like to go off with strangers. Mommy's aren't allowed in the water with the kiddos. I am trying to talk one of our friends into putting her daughter in the class with her lol. I think it would be easier to have Anna adjust if she sees Allie having fun. We go to the pool every other day pretty much if not more. We "swim" without wings for a while and jump in the pool without them. "Swimming" means going under the water and kicking her way to the steps or me. After we do that for a while I will put her wings on her and she will swim all around the pool. Her favorite thing to do is go out to the deep end and jump in with David. Today we met Allie and David at the pool and Anna was torn about which one to hang out with. It was a lot of fun though. I enjoyed hanging out with Denise and Shanda and Dustin :) He is a 13 year old that went on the mission trip with Chris. He is an impressive young man. It is tough being a teen today and I think he does it well! Great job Denise! I am sure that David is going to follow in his footsteps!

Anyway, I am writing this post in hopes that some of you will pass on some words of wisdom concerning swim lessons!!! You know tell me what they did with the kids, how your child reacted, or whatever else you want to share. I just wanted to go in prepared!


  1. I sent you an email already.

    Side note-my kids seems to do everything better if I explain what is going to happen when we go somewhere. Show them where I will be. etc etc I talk to them about everything. When I joined the Y Jaden was frantic on days I left him in the play area so I started having him walk me to the workout room then we would take him to the child care place that way he knew where I was. Maybe Anna can walk you to your spot before you take her to the teacher. Also be sure to tell the teacher she is shy with new people.

  2. Oh, how I do not want to deal with swimming lessons -- as cool as they are. Though, after some swimming over the weekend I do not think I'll be able to keep my girls out of the water anyway.

  3. Ben has a good time with swimming lessons. I think Anna is way ahead of him, though. He doesn't spend much time at the pool. Ben accidentally slipped under the water his first lesson, and it freaked him out, but he got over it by the end of the session. Since then, he's been great. Sometimes he doesn't even want to play with the pool toys, he just wants to swim. Like his tumbling class, he has some focus issues, and he often wants to do his own thing.

    I think they teach him how to kick his legs, to practice blowing bubbles under the water, to float, etc. Chris is the one who goes with him.


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