Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1

This is my first Thursday Thirteen and I am excited to join in the fun! In honor of Father's Day I am going to list 13 things that make my hubby the best father!

  1. He adores our daughter.

  2. He playes endless hours of ball with her.

  3. He is willing to sit through Sesame Street Live and the Disney Princesses on Ice!

  4. He loves to make Anna laugh.

  5. He lets her help him with yard work even though it makes everything take longer.

  6. He is patient with her.

  7. He puts smiley faces on all of his and her sandwiches with the mustard. He pretty much never forgets!

  8. He hates that sometimes he can't soothe her. I really think it breaks his heart a little.

  9. He loves to take her out to see the moon and stars.

  10. He tucks her in each night and says a bed time prayer.

  11. He waves to her from the road each morning that he goes off to work. I am sure it is a highlight of both their days.

  12. He is totally hands on and wants to be a part of everything in her life!

  13. He would give her the moon and stars if he could! He loves her more than words can say.

Chris, She thinks you hung the moon and stars just for her! She loves you very much!!!

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  1. saw at the hub this was your first TT and wanted to say: Welcome.

    was also drawn in by the theme. this was well done. I actually teared up over it. You are blessed indeed.

  2. So glad you have joined the T13 group! It can be a lot of fun! I didn't post one this week bc i am so busy at work but usually do post one. it's fun to come up with the 13 things.

    Big happy father's day to chris!

  3. That was sweet. Nice T13! Mine is up, too. Now That You Know How I Spend My Time

  4. A Tale of Two Peas in a Pod

    Anna's Daddy: (Enters the computer lab at his workplace. His week is difficult with many changes and uncertainties. Log's into Anna's site to smile at some pics. Checks Mommy's blog for first time in days. Scrolls.... He read the posting. Silence...........)

    Typing: 'Thank you honey, for the love and caring attitude you have of me. On one of the worst days knowing that you and Anna think so much of me makes all days special. No one will ever take the joy from my soul ...the addition of pieces of each of your souls bound by love to mine. I love you both.'

    [He sends the message and leaves to face reality after the break in a renewed spirit.]


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