Friday, June 27, 2008

Crash and Burn!!!

That is what I did last night. I decided after spending about 2 hours trying to get my daughter to sleep that this was a bad idea! That apparently she thinks I am going to go away like her Daddy if she can't see me. For 2 hours I rotated between sitting in the chair in the living room waving at her and sitting in her room. I held her hand, I rubbed her back, I told stories, I told her how much I love her and how I would never be far away. Even when I am not where she can see me I am always right there. You know all of that good stuff. I listened to her cry more than I probably should have and finally at 11:30 I decided that nothing is worth all of this. I felt like I was damaging her little spirit. Oh I forgot that I even laid in her floor by the bed lol. She wouldn't cry as long as I was in the room but she wouldn't go to sleep either. It came to me as I lay in my bed crying for a few minutes what an idiot I was for not seeing she was afraid I would leave. Not that Chris has really left, he will be back Saturday. In her world she only sees that he is gone and if he is gone maybe Mommy will go too. I climbed in bed with her at 11:30 and within 2 minutes she was sleeping so soundly snuggled up against me. I give up! I am sorry Chris but the time is apparently not right. Maybe in a few weeks or a month we can try again.


  1. She is adorable. Thanks for visiting. We're "next door." :)

  2. Half-Past Kissin' Time11:38 PM

    She'll be ready when you are ready. By caving, you showed her that you don't have confidence that she can make it alone. When you are comfortable, she will make it through (but it won't be easy; it will take a night or two, probably with a lot of tears from both of you), but you will both make it. :)

    I have good news! Email your address to me, and I will finally send you the COOKBOOK you won way back when!!! Hooray! :)


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