Monday, June 09, 2008


It has been brought to my attention numerous times over the past 2.5 - 3 years that there are several mothering styles. I struggle sometimes when I found out someone does things differently from me. Its not as if I am a perfect mother I just struggle sometimes. I wonder what were they thinking or gee maybe I have been doing it wrong.

I guess as Moms we are all doubtful at times. We all wonder if we aren't warping out children in some way. I wonder if maybe I am to soft on Anna. Or maybe I held her to much when she was a baby and still today. Did I mess her up because I rocked her to sleep for so long and now I lay down with her. I mean maybe she won't ever go to sleep by herself. Maybe I nursed her to long or any number of doubts that can run through my head at one point or another.

Most of the time I can remind myself that Anna is a happy, healthy, wonderful little girl. She is loved by many and even admired by many as well. People love to try to win her love because she makes you earn it. There are some things as a mother that I need to change but overall I think I am doing ok.

Another blogger said it best:

We all make mistakes.
It's what we do afterwards that matters.


  1. as me and my hubs start talking about children, i worry that i won't be a good mom. i see so many different parenting styles and i always remind myself that everyone is different. it's so scary though. that sounds like good advise though.

  2. Thanks for the link-to, Candace.

    You're right that it's so easy to question everything. There are godly women with wildly different opinions on parenting, and the fact is that the Bible doesn't give us clear direction on pacis, co-sleeping, breastfeeding or spankings.

    Even when I'm questioning myself, it makes me feel better to dwell on the fact that God gave these children to me, so it's okay if my decisions for my children are different than other moms make for their children, ya know?


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