Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary Chris!!!

12 years of marriage is a long time. Well, sometimes it feels like a long time and other times it feels like I blinked and missed a few years. I guess it depends on the highs and lows of the relationship. We all have those so I know you know what I am talking about. I can honestly say though after 12 years of marriage I am thrilled to still be married to my best friend. He is an amazing husband. We both screw up and we have had a rough couple of years but right now I feel like we are closer than ever. With that I am going to list 12 things that I love about my husband.

12 Things I love about my husband

  1. I love the way his eyes change colors depending on his mood.

  2. I love the way he takes care of me and Anna.

  3. I love that he gets mad at me when I get upset if dinner isn't ready or the house isn't just so. (I always feel like I am not doing my "job" if it isn't just so.)

  4. I love how he is willing to play with Anna and entertain her so that I can have a few minutes of me time.

  5. I love that he is starting to step out of his box and grow in ways that I never imagined he would.

  6. I love that he loves his family so much. (Meaning his Mom and Dad and sister!)

  7. I love that he pitches in with the housework at times. Doing the jobs that I just hate to do!

  8. I love that he is willing to change his mind and go with the flow. (It hasn't always been this way.)

  9. I love that he is so good with the kids at church.

  10. I love that he is so active at church and so willing to listen to God!

  11. I love that he is teaching Anna about God!

  12. I love the man that he has become and the boy that he used to be!

I can't wait to see what the next 12 years hold in store for us!!!

Happy Anniversary Chris!!!

I love you so very much!!!


  1. I'm late but happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary!!!


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