Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I had found such balance in my life there for a while. Now that summer is upon us I have lost my balance and am searching for a new way. My housework has fallen to the side because we are spending so much time outside and at the pool. I am lovin it of course but it is wreaking havoc on my house lol. No Lynn, it isn't terrible but it definitely isn't up to your standards. I will work on it before you get here Friday :)

The heat is just making it so hard to do anything! We go to the pool in the mornings stay until lunch time and then come home eat and crash for a few hours. After that it is just so terribly hot. Our air condition is being checked out as we speak. Hopefully that will help. We are struggling to keep our house at 77. Apparently we have the hottest attic this guy has ever been in. Wow, you can already tell a difference. He had to put freon in the unit. He said that we have a heating blanket on our house. That the only 2 ways we can fix that is to get an attic fan for $400 or foam insulation for $4 or 5,000. For now the freon will hopefully help and I have to get the blinds put up in the living room.

So back to my problem. How do you all get motivated during the summer to clean house and do laundry and dishes? I need some ideas! Tell me your secrets!!! I promise I won't tell anyone ;)

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  1. Dishes right away in the morning before it gets too hot. As for cleaning house? Yeah. I haven't swept my floors in weeks. I've cheated by taking damp towels after the shower and walking them around the floors in the really messy areas and then throwing them in the wash. As for laundry? I love hanging clothes on the line, and it gives Ben some backyard time. I fold them while we're outside so it's not a house chore anymore. Good luck, hon!


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