Monday, June 16, 2008

Need advice?

We are spending a ton of time in the pool this summer. My hair is starting to feel icky. What can I do to help it stay healthy and shiny while spending all of this time in chlorinated water? Do any of you have any great ideas!


  1. Seriously, so jealous you are at the pool all summer! Enjoy it! Try some of those spray in conditioners. You could just add some to your hair throughout the day. I use the Ausie (comes in a purple bottle) when I comb mine and it helps.

  2. Great idea from reynie. I would add... I would switch to shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated hair and offer UV protection. Those add some extra sealers to protect color, but it might benefit your hair in general.

    Also, make sure you shampoo after getting out of the pool. Don't wash your hair before getting in the pool if you can help it so you will keep as many of the natural oils as possible to protect your hair from the chemicals.


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