Friday, June 06, 2008

South Heat Diet!!!

This is a new diet! It has been used for years and years but no one shares the secrets - UNTIL NOW!!!

  • Live in the HOT south!
  • Stay out doors almost all day, every day!
  • Go swimming A LOT! (I don't mean hanging out - I mean treading water or slicing through the water really swimming. I like to put Anna in her tube and push her around the pool!)
  • Chase after a 2 almost 3 year old! (age really doesn't matter as long as you run A LOT!)
  • Work in the garden A LOT!
  • Drink a ton of water every day!
  • Get so tired you don't feel like cooking anything much less eating it!
  • Don't worry about sweating! (We all know women don't sweat we perspire lol)
  • Forget the mantra "Everything in moderation" Go with "If I am going to do it - I WILL do it right".

I will let ya'll know how this diet goes. I can already tell a little difference in my clothes. I am even getting into some of my old ones! YAY ME!

*Disclaimer~Don't forget sunscreen! Watch out for your child because they will get as tired as you and then they get cranky! On the brighter side of that Anna is napping and sleeping better then ever!


  1. It most definitely is hot here! I wish I had a pool so I could join you in your diet. No way am I going outside without a pool to cool me off! Keep having fun in the sun!

  2. Terrific! Our goal for the summer is to install at least three more ceiling fans in our house. No central air. Very sad. There's a reason I don't live in the south. I am just not made for the humidity. I don't know how you survive. :)

  3. girl, you are not kidding! it is hot, hot, hot here!


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