Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Little bit o' this and a little bit o that!

I should be doing housework right now but I just am not feeling it lol. I have peace in the house and I am savoring it.

I have some things in my life and in a few lives around me that I need prayer for. I can't go into details at this time but there are 2 young ladies that need some extra prayer for 2 totally different reasons. I know it would be easier for you to pray for them if you knew what was going on but I really can't share. That is all I can say about that.

Anna and I went swimming alone this morning. This doesn't happen often because I try to share the joy of the pool with our friends. I thought we would go see a movie today so I didn't invite anyone over. Anna had other ideas. She wanted to go swimming and pretty much started talking about it right after we got up. She is doing such a great job in the pool. I really hope she does as well when we start the lessons. I just had to share one of the games we play in the pool with ya'll. We go out towards the deep end sometimes in it and sometimes right before the drop. She will say "Mommy, don't get me" translation being: Mommy come get me lol. So I will say "Oh yes I am going to get you" She will squeal and start swimming as hard as her little legs and arms will go. I will go under the water and she will pull her feet and butt up out of the water as high as she can get them (basically going into a floating position). I will swim under her and past her and come up. I will look all around the pool and start to "panic" calling her name and looking right and left. She will then either laugh or scream behind me and I will act all surprised and shocked that she was behind me. She absolutely loves it lol. I guess she thinks she got one over on me ;)

On to brighter things. Anna learned how to spit out watermelon seeds yesterday lol. She was very excited about her new skill. She ate a whole slice of watermelon absolutely thrilled every time she came across a seed lol. As a side note I will probably have watermelons coming up all over my back yard at some point lol.

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